Farmhouse Fresh

Well now that we have learned about the benefits of Microneedling lets see what good smelling, high quality skin care products from Farmhouse Fresh can do to help you maintain that youthful glow.



In June of 2015 we attended Premier a beauty trade show at the Orange county convention center. I was waiting for the spender-in-chief to finalize a purchase when I noticed a very large group of rabid women clamoring over each other. Thinking to myself free food or goodies, I bee lined to the commotion. It had to be amazing or free because they where bumping and squeezing and jockeying for better line placement. And then the aroma of fresh fruits and baked goods started filling my nose and overwhelming my senses. It made sense when I saw the sign that read, Farmhouse Fresh. I thought it was a food vendor and was starting to work my way up so I to could grab a free sample. I finally broke thru and looked down at the table and saw little jars of goo and creams and pastes. Arrrggghhhh! What a waste of time. I was hangry and I fell for a very well packaged and marketed skincare product. Yes, I was hangry but I realized that if these women were willing to patiently wait in line to sample these amazing and great smelling products maybe I should investigate them a little more. So I did. By then Jeanna had found me and we spent 30 – 40 minutes with one of the reps. By the end of the weekend we were a retail outlet for Farmhouse Fresh. Farmhouse Fresh is a skincare company that markets its products in a whimsical way. Think “Chic fil a” meets glam.



Each product is whimsical and nostalgic and is made with up to 99.6% natural ingredients. Located in McKinney, Texas, the team at Farmhouse Fresh works hard to develop and hand assemble exquisite gifts that bring delight with every use. Their skincare products are crafted around delicious food and drinks. They make all of their products in Texas using up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms. The products are paraben & sulfate free and their fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. Many of the products are also Vegan and Gluten Free. They LOVE crafting complex and scrumptious fragrances, but also offer a range of products made with only essential oils if that is your preference!

The Farmhouse team resides on a ranch in Texas, but they live in the world of What If. “It is a very silly place because sometimes our What Ifs lead us to Why Nots and then we wonder, really, Why NOT?” Why not mush-up vitamin rich, live strawberry fruit cells with whipped sweet cream shea butter? The result is Strawberry Smash – a 2-part Moisturizer sold with a mixing stick that makes lotioning-up as enjoyable as morning coffee. It also leaves skin dewy-soft, and can really calm a mean sunburn in just a few seconds. From charming jelly jar toppers, to delicate glass pour-spout cruets, each product is lovingly crafted and packaged for that special someone who will enjoy it!


In 2009, FHF won the Dallas Beauty Award presented by D Magazine in Dallas. Since then FHF products continue to win consumer awards including Redbook’s Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy’s Best of Beauty, Oprah’s O-List, Elle Canada Hot List, and more. For the last 4 years, FHF has been voted by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the Top 5 Favorite bodycare lines.  As I mentioned in our Bella Gives Back blog recently, FHF is a huge supporter of all things animal. From cats to cows they rescue them all.  Feel free to look them up on line or stop by the spa and sample their goodies. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again for your continued support. Next week we will be highlighting a local girl and her amazing products.




Today I am going to reintroduce you to our staff. Since she was our first employee we will start with our lead Aesthetician Carrie Bradshaw.

Who is Carrie Bradshaw?

 Well isn’t that a loaded question!



No, not this one.


Yes, this one

I can tell you she is more than just a fictional TV and movie character (Sex In The City). Our Carrie Bradshaw is a very passionate skincare specialist that has personally struggled with skincare issues for as long as she can remember. She tried it all, and I do mean all, from lemons on her face (it burns the bacteria. Yeah right) to Accutane (That was after her high school crush told her he would never take her to Prom because she looked like “I stuck my face in an ant bed”… Ouch!)

After years of facials, microderm treatments, chemical peels, & plastic surgeon visits her wonderful husband, Mr. Big, made a joke about learning this “stuff” on her own so she could save him some money. Well, let’s fast forward. I’m not sure about the saving money part, but the learning of this “stuff” has become part of her every day life.  Now she has made the skincare industry her career and her mission is to help as many people that are willing to listen, about their skin.

In talking to Carrie for this article she said, “This giant leap of faith has paid off and being a licensed aesthetician has become better than any dream I could have dreamt. My heart is full and I hope that comes through with all of my services I provide for my clients.” Trust me when I say it does!

Carrie was the first person that we hired last year, 5 months before we opened. We knew the moment we spoke to her that we needed her on our team of professionals. She is a graduate of the Artistic Nail and Beauty Academy in Lakeland, Florida and has worked in several Polk County spas. She was craving the opportunity to expand her skill level into the medical side of aesthetics, (deeper peels, microneedling, etc) so it was a perfect match for both of us. She is currently working on some CEU’s so that she may expand her list of services to include more medical services.

Carrie maintains a Facebook page, Pretty in the City, Ask Carrie Bradshaw, where she helps her followers with their skincare needs. She is constantly researching, attending conferences and training with our vendors so she can stay at the top of her chosen field. Her zest to improve her craft and overall passion for skincare is contagious. Honest, easygoing, and incredibly skilled, she makes you feel refreshed, relaxed and informed.

Her list of services includes:






Norvell spray tanning.

Eyelash tinting and extensions

chemical peels including medium and deep medical grade

Carrie lives in Lakeland with her husband and 3 daughters.

See you next week!

Coco Chanel and the accidental connection to a health glow


In 1923, the French Icon, Coco Chanel spent a little too much time in the sun and accidentally developed a tan. Almost 100 years later tan skin and that healthy Sun kissed glow is more popular than ever. In fact most people now find that they like a bit of a healthy glow all the time.

Long before science had determined the damage that sunbathing caused, we thought having a tan was the optimal of skin health. With beautiful bronze bodies everywhere it was what we all sought.

The tan is truly the one fashion that never seems to go out of style. Celebrities like it, doctors even recommend it and it has been the secret to a youthful glow for many years. Melanie D. Palm MD, the founding director of Art of Skin in Solana Beach, CA and the Assistant Professor at University of California in San Diego has stated that she “personally uses these products and recommend them to my patients as a safe alternative to traditional tanning.” ( In her article she continues to describe the benefits of self-tanning products and breaks down the skin’s molecular reaction to tanning. Either way, Dr. Palm says to “love the skin (color) they are in.” As most of us know, tan skin has the potential to hide skin imperfections such as broken blood vessels, spider veins, and wrinkles. Lucky for us, it also helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Now, let’s fast-forward.  We now know the sun increases premature aging and can even cause skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be extremely damaging to your skin. The easiest way to describe this in Layman’s terms is that UVA ages us causing wrinkles and UVB burns us causing brown spots. This is where my love for spray tan comes into play.

The principal tanning agents used in all self-tanning formulas is dihydroxyacetone otherwise known as DHA. This chemical compound does not produce a real tan by increasing the skins melanin levels; rather it creates a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the surface of the skin. The action of the DHA is limited to the upper layer of skin and involves a reaction between DHA and skin proteins and oxygen that produces the brown compounds. This process is similar to what occurs when you slice open an apple and the surface of the Apple browns when it is exposed to oxygen in the air. The development of color takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and the intensity of the color is dependent upon the DHA concentration in the product, as well as one’s individual skin characteristics. The color developed by the DHA usually lasts 5 to 7 days and begins to fade as the top layer of skin naturally exfoliates itself.

DHA solutions take a minimum of sixteen hours to fully develop; however the ideal timeframe is twenty-four hours. Clients will receive the best results if they can avoid bathing until the day after their tanning session, because soap lessens the effectiveness of DHA. Delayed bathing allows the DHA bronzer sufficient time to complete its reaction with the amino acids proteins that are within the skin.

The myth that all spray tans turn you orange is just that…a myth. Period. Mystic tan and other cheaper solutions have left a bad taste in consumer’s mouths and poor color quality on their bodies. Sunless tanning solutions have come a long way since those early days. The active ingredient (DHA) in spray tanning solution has been refined and more importantly the additives in the solution are higher grade. Brand names we recommend are: Norvell, Amber Sun and Versa Spa.

If your family has a history of melanoma or you are fair skinned, or maybe you are worried about premature aging and wrinkles, it would be prudent to not only stay out of the tanning bed, but also stay out of the sun as well. Sunless tanning is a viable option that has the same results without the medical consequences. This is a big deal.

Sometimes important events creep up on us. If you need to get a little color and you only have two days, traditional tanning will not be ideal. Even the day of the event is not too late to be sprayed given you allow the 4-6 hours of “downtime” so the solution sets in properly.

Tanning beds are notorious for leaving tan lines, white pressure points on your back, stripes on your side, and feet that don’t get tan.  With sunless tanning, you need not worry about tan lines because you get sprayed wearing whatever you want based off of your comfort level. Sunless tanning technicians perceive which parts of your body need to be sprayed a little darker to blend with the rest of your body; something a tanning bed could never achieve.

During the Spray-Tan session, the color that is immediately visible is the result of the cosmetic bronzer. Don’t be alarmed when the color washes off during your first shower, this is a normal occurrence. What remains is the DHA bronze tan. To prolong the color, it is important to keep skin moisturized after sunless tanning allowing dry flaky skin to slough off faster. Your goal is to basically slow down your body’s natural exfoliation process.

Some of the bronze color might rub off on your clothes immediately after the tan or on your bed sheets. To minimize the chance of the bronzers transferring to clothing we recommend you wear  loose fitting, dark clothing to your spray-tan session. Try to refrain from physical exertion that could result in sweating until after the twenty-four hour period when you shower. In most cases, because the cosmetic bronzer is water-soluble, the color will come out of the clothing in the washer, however it is important to note bronzers may stain light hair, wool, spandex, Lycra, silk or other fine fabrics. If the spray-tan product comes in contact with your hands or clothing, rinse immediately.

So there you have it! All the benefits of healthy bronze skin with out the dangers of the suns harmful rays. Next week we will talk about how collagen can improve our skin and other benefits.  See you then.