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Virtue RF Microneedling

Virtue RF Microneedling is a form of Collagen induction using insulated needles, Radiofrquency heat and red/blue light therapy. It is the process of creating controlled micro injuries to the skin, to create an inflammatory response which produces collagen growth, this process is called Neocollagenesis.

Micro-needling benefits clients who have scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, broken capillaries, texture, uneven tone and it is also a wonderful preventative treatment for clients who have no current concerns. It is a safe and controlled treatment that can be performed on all skin types!

When a client comes in for their microneedling session, we will first numb the areas that are being treated, this is usually a 30-45 minute process. Afterwards, we will remove the numbing, sterilize their skin to prevent any infection forming from micro-open wounds and then begin treatment. After we have finished the microneedling treatment, we will apply a soothing face mask with anti inflammatory properties, this calms the redness or slight sunburn feeling on the clients skin. Clients are sent home with aftercare instructions to guide them through their healing process.

The downtime is relatively none. The client MAY experience redness, itchiness or flaking over the course of the following two weeks. Usually the next day the clients skin is very plump and glowy, then the flaking (if it happens at all) will begin and is very minimal.

It is standard practice that a client receives 3 treatments in a 3-4 month time period for optimal results. Optimal results are seen 4-6 weeks post their 3rd microneedling session. This is when they return for photos. After a clients initial series of 3 treatments, they may only want to do 1 treatment every so often (6 months – 1 year), or they may want to do an entire series, to boost and maintain their results as part of their maintenance plan.

Before & After: Microneedling

At Bella Visage, we have been thoroughly trained and are experienced with the Virtue RF Microneedling device. We have expectations set for ourselves to perform at an impeccable level of customer service, care and knowledge.

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