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It’s not the weight you lose, but the life you gain!

I’m Jeanna Parker, I’m 49 years old, and I finally feel like I’m taking control of my health. I’m living my best life every day. I’m seeing the benefits of positive changes in the way I fuel my mind and my body. 2020 may have been an awful year for some, but it was the ABSOLUTE BEST YEAR of my life.

I met my health coach Kristina who took the time to lead me down a path that I am forever grateful for. Do not settle for less than the BEST for yourself. Life is good and beautiful and worth fighting for. I am a very real example of a life FOREVER CHANGED. If you are inspired by my story and struggling with your health and wellness, I would love to hear more about your goals and your stumbling blocks. What would you like to do if you knew failure wasn’t an option?

Introducing…Optimal Health & Wellness Services

We get it. We’ve tried it all. And faltered, too. Until we found a better way, that is.

Let us help you transform your life, one healthy habit at a time.

Bella’s Optimal Health & Wellness Services will help you achieve your goals and change your habits in order to maintain them. The program involves four components:

  1. Health Coach – Bella Viságe will provide you with an experienced health coach to guide you through your transformation process.  Our health coaches have all successfully transformed their health with this program, so they are highly qualified to assist you on your journey!  Your coach will work closely with you daily to help you make the best choices.
  2. Community – You will have access to an amazing community of like-minded individuals working towards the same goals you are. This community will help and encourage you forward in your journey.
  3. Clinically-Proven Plans & Scientifically-Developed Products – Don’t second guess any of the choices you make along this journey. Clinically-proven plans will help you stay on track, and nutritional fuelings will give you healthy options that will move you towards your goal.
  4. Transformational Education – Continue learning and follow easy steps that will help keep you on track and reprogram your way of thinking.

The Support You Need: Health Coaches & Community

Going through a drastic lifestyle shift can be intimidating, scary, and just downright hard. Having a coach and a warm, like-minded community of people just like you can help keep you on the right track.

Your Health Coaches will include me (Jeanna) and a network of other local health coaches that I trust implicitly. All of our health coaches at Bella Viságe are clients who became coaches during their wellness journey.  That means you will be guided by a highly qualified person who knows exactly what you are going through.

Along with your health coach, you’ll be surrounded by a community of people following the same program as you. These people will be unlearning bad habits, receiving nutrition education, and reshaping how they live their lives day-to-day. Support during a shift like this is paramount, and without a community behind you, it can be easy to slip right back into old habits.


Our Fuelings help make change easy. They remove the guesswork and offer a simple, nutrition-dense, delicious variety of choices to help you build new healthy habits.

All Essential Fuelings and Select Fuelings contain 24 Vitamins and Minerals; high-quality, complete protein; the patented probiotic GanedenBC30®; and no colors, flavors, or sweeteners from artificial sources. Best of all, each Fueling is nutritionally equivalent and portion-controlled, so you can substitute any one for any other. Not in the mood for soup? Try a brownie instead!


Why should I try this program, I have tried them all and failed?

People who inquire about our program are afraid to fail again but are looking for a solution to feel and look better.  This program, unlike any other, provides unparalleled support and education, as well as a structured transition phase, to help you keep the health and results that you desire.

How much does it cost and how long do I need to be on it?

This depends on your current health situation and the desired outcome you choose.  We like to say, “If you knew failure wasn’t an option, what health goal would you like to accomplish?” Most clients find that they save A LOT of money on this plan.  It’s crazy to look at what you currently spend monthly on food and drink (also what you throw away and waste).  We believe, having transitioned ourselves, that you cannot afford NOT to do this program!

Jeanna & Health Coach Kristina Rodriguez


In this Free Webinar, hear from Jeanna Parker, ARNP and Co-Owner of Bella Viságe, and how our Optimal Health & Wellness program changed her life.

You might be surprised to hear that Jeanna’s story sounds a lot like yours. She’d tried every program under the sun, nothing ever stuck, and she never got the results she wanted.

Only after she tried the Optimal Health & Wellness Program and found her coach Kristina Rodriguez did she start seeing the results she had been craving for the last 5 years.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How this program helped completely transform Jeanna and Kristina’s lives
  • An example of one of the several plans available for program participants
  • How to deal with stress in a healthy way
  • How the meals or “fuelings” are unlike any other nutritional or weight loss systems

What to know more?

Complete this short questionnaire to tell us a little about yourself and your health goals. Our health coaches will assess this information and be in touch with you soon!

Healthcare Providers

Are you a healthcare provider interested in offering a program like this to your patients and clients? 

Learn more about how you can incorporate this program at your practice and help your patients transform and begin living their healthiest lives. 

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Jeanna Parker
Nurse Practitioner & Owner