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Unwanted body hair has long been a concern for individuals seeking smooth, hair-free skin. Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and plucking often offer temporary results and can be time-consuming and uncomfortable. Fortunately, just like with cell phones, advancements in technology have brought us amazing, updated technology.  Laser hair removal at Bella Viságe with the Motus AZ+ is truly a revolutionary treatment that provides longer-lasting results with literally NO pain or discomfort. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and features of the Motus AZ+ laser for laser hair removal.

  1. The Motus AZ+ Laser: A Game-Changer in Laser Hair RemovalThe Motus AZ+ laser is a cutting-edge device designed specifically for laser hair removal. It utilizes groundbreaking technology to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing patient comfort and safety. Unlike traditional lasers, the Motus AZ+ laser incorporates Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths, making it suitable for all skin types, including darker skin tones. This versatility allows our Nurse Practitioners to effectively treat a wide range of clients, offering them a personalized and inclusive experience.
  2. Motus AZ+: The Power of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG CombinedThe combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths in the Motus AZ+ laser is what sets it apart from other devices on the market. The Alexandrite wavelength (755nm) is highly effective in targeting melanin in the hair follicles, making it ideal for treating lighter and finer hair. On the other hand, the Nd:YAG wavelength (1064nm) has a deeper penetration, making it suitable for coarser and darker hair, as well as tanned or darker skin types. By combining both wavelengths, the Motus AZ+ laser ensures maximum efficiency and efficacy across a broad range of hair and skin types.
  3. Dynamic and Moveo Technology: Enhanced Comfort and PrecisionThe Motus AZ+ laser features Dynamic and Moveo technology, two remarkable advancements that contribute to an unparalleled laser hair removal experience. Dynamic technology delivers high-energy pulses with a variable square spot size, enabling efficient and uniform coverage while minimizing discomfort. Moveo technology provides a continuous motion technique, whereby the handpiece moves continuously over the treatment area, ensuring quick and precise treatments with no overlap or missed spots. These innovative features work together to optimize patient comfort, reduce treatment times, and maximize the effectiveness of each session.

4. Faster Treatment Sessions and Improved Results: One of the key advantages of the Motus AZ+ laser is its ability to deliver faster treatment sessions compared to other laser systems. The combination of the Moveo technology and the high repetition rate of the Motus AZ+ laser allows our Nurse Practitioners to treat larger areas more quickly. As a result, patients can achieve their desired hair reduction goals in fewer sessions, saving both time and money. Additionally, the Motus AZ+ laser’s unique technology minimizes the risk of side effects, such as discomfort, redness, or pigmentation changes, leading to improved overall results and patient satisfaction.

5. Safety and Expertise: Trusting Your Laser Hair Removal JourneyWhen considering laser hair removal, it is crucial to seek treatment from a qualified and experienced practitioner. At Bella Viságe, all treatments are performed by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners.  Our Nurse Practitioners are specifically trained in laser hair removal, in fact, our combined team of Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners has over 30 years of training and experience.

The Motus AZ+ laser, with its exceptional safety profile, ensures that our clients are in good hands. The device is designed with built-in safety features that protect the skin and minimize the risk of adverse effects. Furthermore, the laser should only be operated by trained professionals who can customize the treatment parameters based on the patient’s specific needs and ensure optimal results while maintaining safety.


Laser hair removal has become a game-changer in the world of aesthetic treatments, offering long-lasting results and improved confidence. The truth is, most clients seek laser hair removal for improving their quality of life.  Many people suffer from folliculitis, an infected hair follicle, and develop sores, even scarring, with shaving and waxing.  With the Motus AZ+ laser, patients can experience the next level of efficiency, comfort, and safety during their hair removal journey. Its unique combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths, coupled with Dynamic and Moveo technology, sets it apart from other devices, making it suitable for a wide range of clients. Whether you have fair or dark skin or fine or coarse hair, the Motus AZ+ laser can provide personalized, effective, and fast treatments, ensuring that you achieve the smooth and hair-free skin you desire.

Disclaimer: It is essential to consult with a certified medical professional before undergoing any laser hair removal treatment. They will assess your individual needs and determine the most suitable approach for your skin type and hair characteristics.

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