From Welfare to 5-Star

On this episode of Elevate Polk, Chrissanne Long speaks with Bella Viságe owners Jeanna and Mark Parker about the growth of their business as not just a mindset, but what they refer to as a “heartset”.

Six years after opening Bella Visage Medical & Aesthetic Rejuvenation, Jeanna and Mark have come an incredible way from living off welfare to running the fastest growing spa in Central Florida. Through their story, we learn that when you’re in the middle of this rut of helplessness, not to sit and wallow in your misery, but to work harder than you ever have before to dig yourself out.

Jeanna and Mark exclaim to listeners that their success would not have been possible without the support of the Lakeland community, and because of this, they are always giving back to the community and helping others achieve their goals.

What is ElevatePolk?

ElevatePolk is a new community podcast about the place we live, work and play – Polk County, Florida. Hosts Chrissanne Long and Nate Kendrick explore different topics that impact life, business and culture as seen through the eyes of the people who make the county unique.