Excessive Sweating Disrupting Your Life and Wardrobe?

Anna lost count years ago of the number of blouses she’s ruined.

Not because of spills, overuse or laundry mishaps, mind you.

No, the cause of Anna’s wardrobe’s short life is much, more simple: “From around age 30 on, my underarms would sweat excessively and uncontrollably,” she explains.

Despite trying as many conventional underarm-sweat-reduction methods as she could find (including pharmaceutical-grade antiperspirants), Anna found that none were effective.

Anna explains that not only did excessive sweating ruin her clothing, it also took a toll on her confidence. “I found myself avoiding activities with friends and colleagues, I always kept several blouses in my car, all in all the effort to avoid embarrassment was overwhelming.” Anna, who lives in Central Florida, had a fairly common medical condition called hyperhidrosis.