Bella has upgraded to the Motus AZ + Laser Hair Removal system

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Nurse Practitioner, Jamila Dunbar

Our laser queen, Jamila, is going to walk you through how to get those long-lasting hair removal results you have been wanting!

 When you come to Bella Viságe for Laser Hair Removal, your hair will become thin and sparse, making your skin feel softer. It will help avoid ingrown hairs and you won’t have to worry about razor bruises or burns from waxing! Hair can take weeks or months to grow back, and with every session, the hair takes much longer to reappear. Even when it does grow back, the hair is thinner and sparser than before! Results can be seen within 1-3 weeks post-treatment.

Laser hair removal is a process in which hair follicles are destroyed using laser light energy. The laser is attracted to chromophore, the dark pigment of the hair (brown and black hairs). The laser light goes down to the root of the hair, damages the hair follicle, and the hair stops growing. Laser hair removal can only damage hair that is in active growth, therefore, multiple sessions spaced 6 weeks apart are recommended for complete treatment. Regular sessions with our Splendor X laser hair removal machine can eliminate ingrown hairs entirely and the effects of hair removal are long-lasting!

Why come to Bella Viságe when other spas offer hair removal services? Other companies use circular laser light energy, causing hair folicles to be missed in between the circle gaps. Since the laser light energy is circular, it will cause light to come out in a cone form. This causes the laser light energy to be more concentrated and more prone to burning the skin.

Our machine is different from competitors because the laser light comes out in square form, which will cause no overlapping and covers more areas. When the Splendor X laser hits the skin, it is only to the depth you need and there is less room for burns! It is normal to feel slight discomfort, especially in those sensitive areas, but with Splendor X, the laser attachment has a cooling mechanism to help with any discomfort.

Another major benefit of being treated with the SplendorX is this laser is actually two lasers in one pulse. What does this mean for our clients? We can safely treat ALL SKIN COLORS. This treatment is safe and comfortable for very light skinned people, like Nicole Kidman, to very dark skinned people, like Wesley Snipes! This means effective laser hair removal with minimal risk of burns.

Before & After: Laser Hair Removal

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