And They Put Up With Me.

I have entered the Golden Age of my life and I find that I am much more capable of seeing the goodness in those I work with.  I consider it golden because it is a precious commodity to work with people who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.  You see, I am the behind the scenes guy. I make sure payroll runs correctly. I meet with vendors and sometimes I fix the broken towel bar or clean a toilet. I find new ways to market the business while trying to build relationships with other downtown businesses. But that’s not what I really do.  I encourage. I dissect, I listen, I empathize and I sympathize. Sometimes I tease, some times I cajole. I do my best to make sure that my employees feel uplifted and empowered so that they will in turn do the same for our clients! The personalities found in Bella Visage fit the parallel world around us.  Yes, I work with the loving and the kind and the selfless. But I have spent years working with the not so loving or kind. I find it comforting to know that the Bella staff is some of the best at loving and comforting. And they put up with me!

“When a client comes to our spa, these are the people who take care of them:

The receptionists meet the client, make sure they are ready for their procedure, complete the paperwork, answer questions, and make certain the client is properly pampered and spoiled.  They clean and dust and put up inventory. And they put up with me.

Our Aestheticians are adept at counseling and instructing clients on the best skin care techniques. They offer world-class levels of service and professionalism. The right music, the right scented products, the right procedure for the client. The best sound in the world is for me to over hear a staff member and a client giggle at a conversation that no one else can hear. It provides me with a sense of satisfaction on many different levels. And they put up with me.

Our Nurse Practitioners make certain the room, the equipment, all the disposables, and every other detail has been covered.  They oversee that everything is checked twice, that everything is documented properly and that the right guidelines are followed every time.  They have spent years in school and specialized training. Their job is to ensure that we do everything right, every time, with no exceptions.  And they put up with me.

Our Massage Therapists put the clients at ease and then attends to them through every moment.  They listen if the client wants to talk and if need be just quietly massage away the build up stress from a client who has worked too hard or worried too much. They listen to their every breath and do their best to slow their heartbeat.  They make sure they feel safe and comfortable.  And they put up with me.

The people who directly help me with the endless back office duties are some of the best. From my Social Media “girl,” and events coordinator, along with my bookkeeper and accountant. They keep me grounded in truth and sometimes force me to look reality in the face. I also have a few downtown friends who have become my confidants. The ones I can go to when shit gets real. I simply could not do what I do without them. And they put up with me.

The truth is that the majority of our clients usually don’t even see me. They see the smiling faces of each one of our wonderful staff. The reason why I felt moved to share this with you, our clients and friends, is because of the love and joy that has been shown to Jeanna and I in the last several weeks, when our staff and friends learned that little Mike joined the Marines. Since we are a small business, but have become a large family, they know a lot about our home life. They are aware of some of the struggles that can occur in a blended family. You know, the daily real life struggles that occur when boy meets man and then man marries mom. Not always smooth sailing. Well I would be lying if I didn’t tell you just how proud I was to watch him make such a big decision to serve his country. Being the son of former Air Force retirees I am well aware of and proud of OUR military personnel. It was heart warming to hear the love and support from them. I have written before about our family business and how we are surrounded by people that have “IT”. The ones who know about your dreams and support you in the good times and the bad. They are the kind of friends who will provide us strength when they know Mike is struggling, so we can be his rock. They would take his anger or pain if it meant he would be at peace. They would pace the night with us if it meant he could get some sleep! They will let him know they support him every step of the way. And they also know that I will lead the pack. Someday I hope he will realize I was with him every step of the way. And in the end, through it all, he put up with me!”

Skincare and Summer Sun

Skin & Summer Sun


Who doesn’t love summer. Trips to the beach, boating and cookouts. Time to spend enjoying family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. While it can be the healer of moods, summer sun wreaks havoc on our skin. If we don’t take the necessary steps to change our habits and skincare routine we can expect to age prematurely at a very rapid pace. Especially here in Florida where it seems summer lasts ten months a year.

Summer is about heat and sunshine. Understanding summer heat and it’s effect on our skin is just as essential as knowing the dangers of summer’s sun. When it gets hot outdoors, and we’re not cooling off in air conditioning, we are subject to side effects unless we take the necessary precautions. Heat causes excessive sweating, which in turn releases chloride and sodium on the skin. Are you an acne sufferer? Sadly, sweat is your enemy! Acne becomes even more inflamed and infected from sweat and can double on your face and body. If you suffer from any skin condition at all, controlling body heat is essential to prevent or control your condition.

You don’t have acne or any other skin condition? Unfortunately for you it’s still easy to develop a rash of itchy and uncomfortable whiteheads. Heat raises the bacteria level in our core, and unless it’s very dry outside, sweating doesn’t cool the body down very well. Sweat cannot evaporate in humidity, and sweat that cannot evaporate raises bacteria levels, which leads to infection. Remember, excessive heat causes inflammation in our skin and organs. Drinking plenty of water and knowing when to get out of the heat will be your only prevention from ailments that range from heat rashes and skin infections to heat stroke. Consider heat the breeding ground where bacteria can grow.

Although the summer sun creates heat for happy days ahead, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB, cause premature aging and skin cancer. Reminder: you’re still getting sun on a cloudy day! At the very least, the sun causes the skin to change color temporarily. Occasionally you may experience a tan or a burn that turns your skin into a blotchy mess better known as hyper-pigmentation. (Those dark patches that don’t belong on your cheeks, the age spots, and the freckles you didn’t inherit!) We all make mistakes, and yes, there are solutions to even the most stubborn sunshine side effects. With the advent of new skin care therapies, we can reverse most pigmentation. However, even if you’ve reversed some of the effects of aging on the skin, you still have to take precautionary measures against the sun.


So what can we at Bella Viságe do to help.

Education! Come in and let our Aestheticians and Nurse Practioners give you a free consultation.

Good quality skincare. We carry the best products available and can train you on the proper way to care for your skin

Good mineral based makeup. The less make up the better. Using a high quality line of makeup will provide long-term improvements in your skins health.

High-end medical spa treatments. We offer multiple services that can help repair the damaging effects of sun damage and aging. Consultations are free!


Thanks again for taking time to read our blog. We appreciate you following and supporting Bella Viságe.