There are no words for how much I loved my experience here. From the moment you walk in, you feel more relaxed. The ambience is perfect for downtown, with chandeliers, vintage display cases, and the delicious aroma of Farmhouse Fresh candles (check them out, seriously). I came in for a massage and was greeted by the owners; Jeanna and Mark. They were polite and accommodating, and even gave me a short tour of their new spa. My massage was blissful; a full body, hot stone, massage with firm pressure relieving all my sore/tense muscles. The technique was flawless. I feel like a new person! After the massage I was offered mint infused water, mmm perfect. The receptionist was sweet and friendly and I was offered samples of some of their retail products, bonus!

So yes, without a doubt, I will be recommending Bella Viságe to all of my friends and family. Actually I am thinking about picking up a few gift cards for the holidays. :) If you’re still deciding if you should book an appointment, just do it. You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to go back and experience more of their services.

– Brook Alcock Lakeland, FL (Deep tissue, hot stone massage)

testimonial Bella Visage Lakeland review

Today, after much anticipation, I visited Bella Viságe. It was awesome! The space is beautiful, perfectly appointed and entirely relaxing. The staff is attentive and talented. My treatment was quick, painless and professional. This is just what Lakeland needed and downtown is the perfect location for this gem.

– Lynn Lakeland, FL (Botox injections to forehead and between eyebrows)

Literally the best massage I have ever had. Carrie is amazing. Pressure was on point and I’m not even sore! Lord knows this mama had so many knots in my shoulders! I feel amazing now. Officially making the switch and will be getting my monthly massages here!

– Dana Tidmore Lakeland, FL

Bella Viságe is an amazing place. I am a 25-year-old female of Indian decent and like many people have horrible acne scars from past pimples. I tried everything from Proactive to Accutane to try and get rid of the acne and the acne scars and nothing worked. Just recently I started getting microneedling treatments done at Bella Viságe and have only had four treatments and can already see great results. I have had people at work come up to me and compliment me on the evenness of my skin tone. Jeanna, the owner of Bella Viságe, does a great job of making sure you are comfortable with you appointment. Getting the needling is painless because she numbs your face before starting the treatment. You do feel your face burning, like sunburn, but at the end of the treatment your face is soothed with a 24-carat gold collagen mask. I would definitely recommend trying microneedling for those who have acne marks that they want to get rid of.

– Trishna Lakeland, FL (Facial Micro-needling )

testimonial Bella Visage Lakeland review

I just left Bella Visage after an hour deep tissue massage with Cassie. I have never had such a complete and satisfying experience. I have had a lot of massages, a lot of great massages, but this was unlike any other I’ve had. As a nurse practitioner, Cassie has extensive knowledge of our structure. This, in turn, allowed her to know what activities I do that have affected my body and actually worked out those problem areas completely. For the first time in a long time, I was able to put on my shoes from a standing position. This is something I’ve had to do for years while sitting down because lifting my leg while standing caused severe pain in my lower back. That is gone today. Thank you Cassie and Bella Visage! I will definitely be back.

-Kimberly Campbell Wyant Lakeland, FL 

The staff is extremely friendly! No one has ever understood me like Jeanna does when I’m getting my lips injected. I completely recommend this place for anyone looking for a high-end spa atmosphere. The facials by Carrie are absolutely amazing!

– Rhiannon Viele Ray Lakeland, FL

Love this place! Cannot wait to go back!!! Cassie, the massage therapist, is awesome. She took her time and provided the utmost care in getting me unwound from the day! I cannot find enough good things to say about this new spot in downtown Lakeland! Call them to feel pampered.

– Cassie Hall Lakeland, FL

Tracy, the massage therapist at Bella Viságe, gives the BEST hot stone massage!!

– Cynthia Dearden Brown Lakeland, FL