Hannah Joy’s Experience with Lash Extensions

Are you thinking about Lash Extensions?

One of our awesome customers–who just happens to be a local blogger–visited us and had lash extensions done by Kim Esposito, our lash extension expert! Spoiler alert…she’s a fan! Read some of her blog post below, and follow the link to keep reading and check out her dramatic before and after shots (her photos are flawless)!

Hannah Joy lash extensions

(Photo: Hannah Joy)

Today I had the best experience getting eyelash extensions! First let’s talk about lash extensions in general. I’ve gone through this phase before where I just really want full lashes without putting mascara and earlier this summer, I officially entered that phase again. I’ve gotten lash extensions twice in the past, and loved them both times, but got too busy with work and school to keep up with it. Let’s be honest, scheduling in a two hour appointment every 3 weeks isn’t super easy for a working college student with a social life and other obligations. But now that I’m out of school, I feel like I have more control over my schedule and can make it work! I know it’s not something I’ll keep up forever, but I want to try it for a few months this time.

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