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Why I Added Optavia to my Practice

I was a morbidly obese Nurse Practitioner.  I weighed 231 pounds at 5’3” with a BMI of 41.  I believed that as a provider, I should be an example of a life well-lived, however, I failed continuously at creating health in my own life.  I was introduced to the Optavia plan by my coach mentor Kristina Rodriguez and the rest is history.  

I started the Optavia plan on May 20, 2020 (during the pandemic when everyone was gaining weight), and by the end of the year, I had lost 60 pounds.  I started attracting clients who had been watching my journey and wanted help to get healthy just as I did.  I believe my journey was the catalyst for building it into my business model.

As a medical spa owner offering body sculpting treatments, I also saw the value of providing holistic health management that had the clinical data and science to back up the success that I was experiencing.  Believe me, I did my research and was impressed with the credibility of Optavia and Dr. Andersen.

Read the Medifast Optavia Clinical Studies overview to better understand the long-standing scientific foundation behind Optavia Fuelings, the support provided by Optavia Health Coaches, and the comprehensive approach to lifelong transformation.

History & Credibility of Optavia

Optavia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medifast Inc.  Medifast originally worked with physicians in portion control meal replacements to help overweight and obese patients reach a healthy weight.  It was a very successful model until the early 1990s when managed care disrupted that model almost causing the company to become bankrupt.

In the early 2000s, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, a critical care physician, approached Medifast with an idea that would change the focus of the entire company, leading to the rebranding as Take Shape for Life.  In 2017, the company rebranded once more to the current name of Optavia.  Most notably,  Medifast ranked number two on FORTUNE’s Annual 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List in November 2020.

Who is Dr. Wayne Andersen?

Dr. Wayne Andersen graduated first in his class at the University for Health Sciences in Kansas City.  Upon finishing his training, he became a specialist in internal medicine with a focus on cardiopulmonology.  He believed that to be a well-rounded physician, he needed to have an extensive knowledge of all body systems and entered the newly emerging world of critical care medicine. Dr.  Andersen was recognized as one of only ten physicians in the country to be board-certified in critical care. With this prestigious honor, he created an open-heart program and surgical intensive care unit at Grandview Medical Center, thus, putting his training to the best possible use. 

During his eighteen-year tenure as Director of Critical Care, Dr. A, as he is affectionately known in the Optavia community, took care of the sickest people.  He noticed that although he was keeping these critically ill patients alive, he was not helping them thrive.  “As a critical care doc, I thought I had settled into something that was going to change the world.  I saved people’s lives, and I was pretty good at it, but I only helped a few people and I never helped anyone create health”.

He also noticed that people that were overweight or obese did not do very well in recovery.  He saw the epidemic of obesity and he asked the fundamental question, “Rather than react to disease, what can I do to move forward?  What can I do to create health in this country?”  He left medicine and partnered with Medifast.  He is now considered one of the great thought leaders in the area of optimal health.  He is also a New York Times best-selling author.

“One question that medicine hardly ever asks is how we can create health in the first place?  Doesn’t it make more sense to create health, rather than wait for the health problem to show up and solve it with medical procedures?”

A Message from Dr. A to Providers

How to Provide Optavia as a Health Option in Your Practice

Join Optavia, and start your own journey.

As I became healthy, my clients became interested and approached me to help them.

Become a Health Coach.

After losing 17 pounds my first month, I became a Certified Optavia Health Coach because I knew that if I could be successful, others could as well.

I also knew that I would be more accountable to my health if I knew that I was helping others obtain wellness.

I believed that my community was looking for a solution and I wanted a sound health program to incorporate into my practice, rather than stimulants/injections/pills.

I created an LLC that is separate from my primary business for several reasons:

  • Tax purposes
  • Separate income stream
  • To provide a clear separation from Bella Viságe for other future ventures

Grow your team of health coaches.

As my list of health clients grew, I knew that I needed help to meet the demand.  I began to cultivate coaches who were on their journey and wanted to join me in my health revolution.  I knew that to properly ‘Pay It Forward’, I needed help.  Now I am growing my team and have built Health & Wellness into my practice, just as I have with the tangible services that we offer.

Jeanna & Health Coach Kristina Rodriguez

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About Jeanna Parker

With a nineteen-year background in cardiac surgery, trauma and intensive care, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Jeanna Parker knows how to expertly handle a variety of medical situations.  Jeanna earned her BSN and her Master’s Degree in Nursing from Florida Southern College. She decided to pursue the area of aesthetic medicine in 2013 and received extensive training at the renowned Esthetic Skin Institute in Fort Lauderdale Fl.

Jeanna is an experienced facial rejuvenation artist and holds certifications in advanced neurotoxin, dermal filler, and Sculptra injections. She also holds certifications in CO2 laser resurfacing, vaginal rejuvenation, laser hair and tattoo removal, numerous body sculpting platforms, radiofrequency microneedling and carboxytherapy.  Jeanna is also a clinical trainer for Lumenis, with her business being named a Center of Excellence in 2020.

Jeanna Parker
Owner, Nurse Practitioner, BSN, ARNP

As the co-owner of Bella Viságe Medical & Aesthetic Rejuvenation, Jeanna takes great pride in her work, as well as her relationship with her team, her clients and the Lakeland community of small businesses.  Her vision with Bella Viságe was to create a beautiful, relaxing place where her clients could be pampered and cared for with personalized treatment plans.  She put together a team of professionals with the goal of creating the best experience for her clients, in the heart of historic Downtown Lakeland.

About Kristina Rodriguez

Kristina Rodríguez is a certified Optavia Health Coach. Kristina and her husband, Ronnie saw the impact the Optavia health program has on them personally and knew they needed to help others. Since starting their own Optavia business last year they have impacted the lives of almost 200 people.

Kristina is also a successful financial planner. Kristina has been in the financial industry for 20 years. She has helped many people optimize their personal and business finances.

Kristina lives in Lakeland FL with her husband and kids. They have a passion for helping others. Kristina is on the board of Love is Fur ever Dog rescue, Charity Polo Classic, and gives her time to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay and helping the HOPE house in Lakeland FL

Kristina Rodriguez
Optavia Health Coach