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Hannah Joy’s Experience with Lash Extensions

Are you thinking about Lash Extensions?

One of our awesome customers–who just happens to be a local blogger–visited us and had lash extensions done by Kim Esposito, our lash extension expert! Spoiler alert…she’s a fan! Read some of her blog post below, and follow the link to keep reading and check out her dramatic before and after shots (her photos are flawless)!

Hannah Joy lash extensions

(Photo: Hannah Joy)

Today I had the best experience getting eyelash extensions! First let’s talk about lash extensions in general. I’ve gone through this phase before where I just really want full lashes without putting mascara and earlier this summer, I officially entered that phase again. I’ve gotten lash extensions twice in the past, and loved them both times, but got too busy with work and school to keep up with it. Let’s be honest, scheduling in a two hour appointment every 3 weeks isn’t super easy for a working college student with a social life and other obligations. But now that I’m out of school, I feel like I have more control over my schedule and can make it work! I know it’s not something I’ll keep up forever, but I want to try it for a few months this time.

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Jaclyn and The Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser

What an Amazing Year

Before I continue with our inspiring story of an amazing lady and her Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser experience, I wanted to take a minute and thank each and every customer, client and follower of Bella Viságe for supporting us in 2016. What an amazing year!! We exceeded our goals by leaps and bounds and YOU are the reason.We are excited about the year to come and look forward to meeting even more amazing clients.

Meet Jaclyn

As most of you know, we are located behind Liquid Hair Studio, a premier hair studio in downtown. Being in such close proximity has given us the opportunity to get to know the stylists and staff. One of the stylists, Jaclyn, begun a journey about a year ago that has inspired us and we wanted to share it with you. When we approached her she was a little hesitant, but realized that by sharing her story and inspiring others, she would also strengthen herself. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Here’s to a healthy and beautiful 2017!! Here is Jaclyn’s Success Story with The Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser.

The Hardships

For as long as Jaclyn can remember, she has always struggled with her weight. She remembers being a young girl, 7 or 8 years old, and finding it difficult to resist foods that helped her pack on the pounds. Her weight continued to fluctuate, but during the summer before she entered 8th grade, she dropped some weight and gained some womanly curves. She felt great! In high school, the weight found her again. She started dating and gained 60 pounds with her first boyfriend. He eventually broke up with her because of her weight and by her senior year she was just over 200 pounds. Like most of us, Jaclyn enjoys transformation stories and pictures of people who have drastically altered their appearance and lifestyle for the better. She would watch TV shows about people losing weight, read Facebook testimonies and purchase books about lifestyle changes. She was searching for the answer, an easy way to solve her problems that seemed to be tethered to her waistline. She joined Weight Watchers and was successful, but she was in her 20s and had an active social life. Her life revolved around her friends, going out, partying and drinking. Sadly, she gained back all of the weight she lost at Weight Watchers.

In 2012 she began working at Liquid Hair Studio, where she still works. She had never worked for a business that ordered lunch every day, they even had a receptionist who would go get their lunch! It was amazing! Jaclyn was excited to work in the heart of Downtown Lakeland and quickly came to love all the local fare. The indulgence came at a price, however, and she packed on 25 more pounds. The before picture of Jaclyn is during this time. The tipping point for Jaclyn came when she looked at a picture that her mom had taken of her. She couldn’t believe how big she had allowed herself to get. She hated looking in the mirror. During a health check up, she was weighed and scale read 252 pounds. She was appalled! She was scared of reaching 300 pounds and decided to change her life forever. The motivation she had been looking for had taken a long time to arrive, but she had finally arrived at the place she needed to be. Her transformation had begun.

Seeking Out The RIGHT Answer

Jaclyn finally gave up trying to find an easy fix to her problem and decided she was strong enough to make a few small changes. She started to engage in activities such as walking and group fitness sessions. She also started making better food choices, she cut out alcohol and fatty foods. She said goodbye to fast food and hello to fresh choices. Once she had made the commitment to change, she was unstoppable. The more weight she lost, the more motivated she became. People started noticing and the positive comments made her glow. It had taken SO LONG to get to this point, but she was here and she felt great.

The Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser

This past November Jaclyn decided to add another component to her transformation arsenal by getting Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser treatments at Bella Viságe. She was intrigued by the concept behind the treatment. The Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser is comfortable and literally mobilizes the fat on the targeted areas. Although she had worked very hard to lose weight, she was unhappy with her hips and abdomen. Once she started to use the Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser, that all changed. Her transformation went into overdrive and people, both friends and strangers, started saying “Oh my gosh! You’re melting away! What are you doing??” She lost a total of 9 inches from her waist and lower abdomen and has kept it off. She is now working on other areas. That’s the amazing thing about theStrawberry Inch-Loss Laser, it can be used to contour any problem area.

Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser

Jaclyn says that she has never been this thin in her life. She used to wear dresses all the time because, when you gain weight, a dress is more forgiving. Now she is wearing all of the clothes that hung in her closet just waiting for healthy Jaclyn to appear. Even after all of her success, she still struggles, but she attributes the Strawberry to keeping her accountable to her routine and goals. She is encouraged by the staff and by her very noticeable results.

Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser

At Bella Viságe, we have been so proud to support Jaclyn on her continued journey. We are glad that she let us share her story, because we truly feel like Jaclyn’s story is the story of many people. If you would like to find out more about the Strawberry Inch-Loss Laser and how it can help you become successful at changing your life, health and appearance, call for a free consultation today.

You have nothing to lose, except the inches… and everything to gain.

And They Put Up With Me.

I have entered the Golden Age of my life and I find that I am much more capable of seeing the goodness in those I work with.  I consider it golden because it is a precious commodity to work with people who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.  You see, I am the behind the scenes guy. I make sure payroll runs correctly. I meet with vendors and sometimes I fix the broken towel bar or clean a toilet. I find new ways to market the business while trying to build relationships with other downtown businesses. But that’s not what I really do.  I encourage. I dissect, I listen, I empathize and I sympathize. Sometimes I tease, some times I cajole. I do my best to make sure that my employees feel uplifted and empowered so that they will in turn do the same for our clients! The personalities found in Bella Visage fit the parallel world around us.  Yes, I work with the loving and the kind and the selfless. But I have spent years working with the not so loving or kind. I find it comforting to know that the Bella staff is some of the best at loving and comforting. And they put up with me!

“When a client comes to our spa, these are the people who take care of them:

The receptionists meet the client, make sure they are ready for their procedure, complete the paperwork, answer questions, and make certain the client is properly pampered and spoiled.  They clean and dust and put up inventory. And they put up with me.

Our Aestheticians are adept at counseling and instructing clients on the best skin care techniques. They offer world-class levels of service and professionalism. The right music, the right scented products, the right procedure for the client. The best sound in the world is for me to over hear a staff member and a client giggle at a conversation that no one else can hear. It provides me with a sense of satisfaction on many different levels. And they put up with me.

Our Nurse Practitioners make certain the room, the equipment, all the disposables, and every other detail has been covered.  They oversee that everything is checked twice, that everything is documented properly and that the right guidelines are followed every time.  They have spent years in school and specialized training. Their job is to ensure that we do everything right, every time, with no exceptions.  And they put up with me.

Our Massage Therapists put the clients at ease and then attends to them through every moment.  They listen if the client wants to talk and if need be just quietly massage away the build up stress from a client who has worked too hard or worried too much. They listen to their every breath and do their best to slow their heartbeat.  They make sure they feel safe and comfortable.  And they put up with me.

The people who directly help me with the endless back office duties are some of the best. From my Social Media “girl,” and events coordinator, along with my bookkeeper and accountant. They keep me grounded in truth and sometimes force me to look reality in the face. I also have a few downtown friends who have become my confidants. The ones I can go to when shit gets real. I simply could not do what I do without them. And they put up with me.

The truth is that the majority of our clients usually don’t even see me. They see the smiling faces of each one of our wonderful staff. The reason why I felt moved to share this with you, our clients and friends, is because of the love and joy that has been shown to Jeanna and I in the last several weeks, when our staff and friends learned that little Mike joined the Marines. Since we are a small business, but have become a large family, they know a lot about our home life. They are aware of some of the struggles that can occur in a blended family. You know, the daily real life struggles that occur when boy meets man and then man marries mom. Not always smooth sailing. Well I would be lying if I didn’t tell you just how proud I was to watch him make such a big decision to serve his country. Being the son of former Air Force retirees I am well aware of and proud of OUR military personnel. It was heart warming to hear the love and support from them. I have written before about our family business and how we are surrounded by people that have “IT”. The ones who know about your dreams and support you in the good times and the bad. They are the kind of friends who will provide us strength when they know Mike is struggling, so we can be his rock. They would take his anger or pain if it meant he would be at peace. They would pace the night with us if it meant he could get some sleep! They will let him know they support him every step of the way. And they also know that I will lead the pack. Someday I hope he will realize I was with him every step of the way. And in the end, through it all, he put up with me!”

Skincare and Summer Sun

Skin & Summer Sun


Who doesn’t love summer. Trips to the beach, boating and cookouts. Time to spend enjoying family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. While it can be the healer of moods, summer sun wreaks havoc on our skin. If we don’t take the necessary steps to change our habits and skincare routine we can expect to age prematurely at a very rapid pace. Especially here in Florida where it seems summer lasts ten months a year.

Summer is about heat and sunshine. Understanding summer heat and it’s effect on our skin is just as essential as knowing the dangers of summer’s sun. When it gets hot outdoors, and we’re not cooling off in air conditioning, we are subject to side effects unless we take the necessary precautions. Heat causes excessive sweating, which in turn releases chloride and sodium on the skin. Are you an acne sufferer? Sadly, sweat is your enemy! Acne becomes even more inflamed and infected from sweat and can double on your face and body. If you suffer from any skin condition at all, controlling body heat is essential to prevent or control your condition.

You don’t have acne or any other skin condition? Unfortunately for you it’s still easy to develop a rash of itchy and uncomfortable whiteheads. Heat raises the bacteria level in our core, and unless it’s very dry outside, sweating doesn’t cool the body down very well. Sweat cannot evaporate in humidity, and sweat that cannot evaporate raises bacteria levels, which leads to infection. Remember, excessive heat causes inflammation in our skin and organs. Drinking plenty of water and knowing when to get out of the heat will be your only prevention from ailments that range from heat rashes and skin infections to heat stroke. Consider heat the breeding ground where bacteria can grow.

Although the summer sun creates heat for happy days ahead, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB, cause premature aging and skin cancer. Reminder: you’re still getting sun on a cloudy day! At the very least, the sun causes the skin to change color temporarily. Occasionally you may experience a tan or a burn that turns your skin into a blotchy mess better known as hyper-pigmentation. (Those dark patches that don’t belong on your cheeks, the age spots, and the freckles you didn’t inherit!) We all make mistakes, and yes, there are solutions to even the most stubborn sunshine side effects. With the advent of new skin care therapies, we can reverse most pigmentation. However, even if you’ve reversed some of the effects of aging on the skin, you still have to take precautionary measures against the sun.


So what can we at Bella Viságe do to help.

Education! Come in and let our Aestheticians and Nurse Practioners give you a free consultation.

Good quality skincare. We carry the best products available and can train you on the proper way to care for your skin

Good mineral based makeup. The less make up the better. Using a high quality line of makeup will provide long-term improvements in your skins health.

High-end medical spa treatments. We offer multiple services that can help repair the damaging effects of sun damage and aging. Consultations are free!


Thanks again for taking time to read our blog. We appreciate you following and supporting Bella Viságe.

The eyes have it thanks to RevitaLash


The number one goal of any Med Spa is to find the best modality to accomplish a clients goal. So what is the number one asset that most women try to enhance?

No, not those. Think a little higher up.

There you go, Her eyes!

For me it was Audrey Hepburn! Those eyes and brows were captivating. If a woman’s eyes are the windows to her soul then the eyelashes and brows are the frames. Eye contact is the most communicative non-verbal cue we have. So much that it sometimes conveys more about our thoughts and feelings than our words. Ever stare lovingly into your sweetheart’s eyes? Or noticed a baby ogling you on the city bus? The shape of your eyes tells a biological story as well. Large eyes in a female suggest that she has low androgen (male hormones and high estrogen, which implies youth and fertility. Luckily, it’s also an effect that can easily be enhanced with clever makeup tricks.

Enter Dr. Brienkenhoff and RevitaLash.


RevitaLash was founded in 2006 by Dr. Brienkenhoff. Here is how he describes the reason he created RevitaLash. “In 2006 this company began with just one product, a unique eyelash conditioner created for one special lady. RevitaLash Cosmetics would not have come into being without my loving wife, Gayle, and my desire to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. From our original product, inspired by love, we have developed an entire collection that revitalizes the natural beauty and inner spirit of all women.”

10 years later RevitaLash Cosmetics is now available in over 50 countries.

The lash products use Curl Effect® which helps naturally lift and curl the eyelashes. And the Revitalash product will not change or effect your eye color. A proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals join in concert to protect against breakage and brittleness. This improves flexibility, moisture, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes. Daily use provides immediate conditioning benefits, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.

RevitaLash is a huge supporter of cancer research and continues to try and improve the lives of those affected by this devastating disease.

Thank you Dr. Brienkenhoff for your inspiration!

Pure & Simple Treats

Live Beautifully, Live Naturally!



That is the manta that Angela Barkett lives by. As the owner and master chemist at Pure & Simple Treats Angela has found a niche in the handmade, chemical free home and skincare products market.

Angela was born near Manchester, England and relocated to the U.S. in 2011. As she has said, “I found my passion in the States, thousands of miles away from where I grew up.” Angela and her husband Mark moved to Lakeland where they opened up Exotic Car Services and have been active in the community ever since.



“Moving to Florida stirred up some allergies for me, so I set myself on a mission to heal my own skin & health. The more I researched the toxic chemicals in so many home and skincare products, the more I experimented with my own recipes, and they worked! My allergies cleared up, and it sparked a huge passion, so in 2015, I turned my hobby in to a business so that I can share my creations with others.”

She hand makes 100% Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers, Soy Wax Melts, Soy Tea Lights and Essential Oil Room Sprays. She also has a line of all natural lotions and lip balms. Her latest creation is a line Pure Essential Oil Blends & Salves.


I have known Angela and Mark for several years having met them thru Lakeland Business Leaders. She told me she was “playing with some soaps and creams and stuff,” since she was battling her allergies. After watching her for a few months, I decided to approach her with the idea of having Pure & Simple Treats create a line of products for us to complement our national brand products. So in December of last year I approached Angela about private labeling some of her products exclusively for us. Since we are all about fostering local, we wanted to have a local option for our customers. We have been adding products ever since.

We are constantly collaborating on new scents for the candles and lotions and flavors for the lip balms. Angela’s products are some of the fastest moving inventory that we carry.   Our customers are in love with her great smelling products.

Thank you Angela for believing in your dreams and putting in the hours that it takes to keep our clients smelling good and happy.


See you next week.

Farmhouse Fresh

Well now that we have learned about the benefits of Microneedling lets see what good smelling, high quality skin care products from Farmhouse Fresh can do to help you maintain that youthful glow.



In June of 2015 we attended Premier a beauty trade show at the Orange county convention center. I was waiting for the spender-in-chief to finalize a purchase when I noticed a very large group of rabid women clamoring over each other. Thinking to myself free food or goodies, I bee lined to the commotion. It had to be amazing or free because they where bumping and squeezing and jockeying for better line placement. And then the aroma of fresh fruits and baked goods started filling my nose and overwhelming my senses. It made sense when I saw the sign that read, Farmhouse Fresh. I thought it was a food vendor and was starting to work my way up so I to could grab a free sample. I finally broke thru and looked down at the table and saw little jars of goo and creams and pastes. Arrrggghhhh! What a waste of time. I was hangry and I fell for a very well packaged and marketed skincare product. Yes, I was hangry but I realized that if these women were willing to patiently wait in line to sample these amazing and great smelling products maybe I should investigate them a little more. So I did. By then Jeanna had found me and we spent 30 – 40 minutes with one of the reps. By the end of the weekend we were a retail outlet for Farmhouse Fresh. Farmhouse Fresh is a skincare company that markets its products in a whimsical way. Think “Chic fil a” meets glam.



Each product is whimsical and nostalgic and is made with up to 99.6% natural ingredients. Located in McKinney, Texas, the team at Farmhouse Fresh works hard to develop and hand assemble exquisite gifts that bring delight with every use. Their skincare products are crafted around delicious food and drinks. They make all of their products in Texas using up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms. The products are paraben & sulfate free and their fragrances are all natural or phthalate free. Many of the products are also Vegan and Gluten Free. They LOVE crafting complex and scrumptious fragrances, but also offer a range of products made with only essential oils if that is your preference!

The Farmhouse team resides on a ranch in Texas, but they live in the world of What If. “It is a very silly place because sometimes our What Ifs lead us to Why Nots and then we wonder, really, Why NOT?” Why not mush-up vitamin rich, live strawberry fruit cells with whipped sweet cream shea butter? The result is Strawberry Smash – a 2-part Moisturizer sold with a mixing stick that makes lotioning-up as enjoyable as morning coffee. It also leaves skin dewy-soft, and can really calm a mean sunburn in just a few seconds. From charming jelly jar toppers, to delicate glass pour-spout cruets, each product is lovingly crafted and packaged for that special someone who will enjoy it!


In 2009, FHF won the Dallas Beauty Award presented by D Magazine in Dallas. Since then FHF products continue to win consumer awards including Redbook’s Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy’s Best of Beauty, Oprah’s O-List, Elle Canada Hot List, and more. For the last 4 years, FHF has been voted by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the Top 5 Favorite bodycare lines.  As I mentioned in our Bella Gives Back blog recently, FHF is a huge supporter of all things animal. From cats to cows they rescue them all.  Feel free to look them up on line or stop by the spa and sample their goodies. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again for your continued support. Next week we will be highlighting a local girl and her amazing products.




Thanks for coming back to our Bella Blog page. One of the questions that was asked at our recent open house event was the topic of Microneedling. Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can help stimulate rejuvenation of the skin. Most of our clients who have heard of or have previously undergone a microneedling procedure have had to travel outside of Polk County to have this performed. Bella Viságe was the first Medical Spa to offer the procedure in Polk County and we are very proud to be able to offer this amazing treatment right here in Downtown Lakeland. This procedure is administered by one of our Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, which is another reason that we are a premier destination for microneedling.

Since this discussion will involve a lot of big words I have asked Jeanna Parker ARNP to explain the process, which really is pretty simple.



What is it and how does it work?

Microneedling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy/CIT, is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles in order to induce endogenous (your own) production of new collagen. Among the earliest proponents was Michael Pistor, a French doctor who is credited with having developed mesotherapy in 1952. This procedure has been shown to increase the remolding of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, which then increases the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade, also known as tissue remodeling. This treatment is a non-ablative treatment, unlike lasers or chemical peels, in that the deeper parts of the skin are treated without removing the top layer. This treatment is designed to treat various skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, light scarring from acne and photo damage, and to improve skin color and other skin texture changes.

What is the principal behind Microneedling?

The CosmoPen is the device we use at Bella Viságe and is just one form of collagen induction therapy. The goal of microneedling therapy is to create a controlled, non-thermal injury underneath the skin’s surface. This results in the formation of new tissue layers of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply to the treated area. The skin plumps and thickens in response to this stimulus, ultimately reducing the appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and other skin texture changes.

There are skin rejuvenation procedures that produce great results, such as chemical peeling and laser therapy, however not all people are candidates for these procedures. Microneedling is safe for all skin types, making it the perfect treatment to rejuvenate and heal the skin.


Professional skin needling is considered a safe skin treatment when performed by a medical aesthetician, nurse, or physician. This should not be confused with the myriad of home care microneedling devices designed for patient use.

It is clear that the category of medical microneedling is poised to explode in the near term, and we can expect to see more clinical data to confirm claims that doctors are seeing in their practices. There has been a sea change from what once was marked skepticism to almost widespread acceptance of this category of skin treatments.


What is the difference between CosmoPen Microneedling and dermarollers?





Home devices, called dermarollers, are popular and are sold to consumers for home microneedling. There are risks involved with these and here are comparisons:

Dermaroller Flaws:

  • Cross-infection risks
  • Excessive and undesired trauma
  • Too large for small areas
  • Lacks accuracy and consistency for speed and depth

CosmoPen Microneedling Advantages:

  • Administered by a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Up/down movements prevent excessive trauma
  • Single-use disposable needle cartridge
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • Small size of needle head reaches all surface areas, large and small
  • Very accurate and consistent speed/depth


How is this procedure performed?

Before microneedling is performed the skin is cleaned and prescription-grade numbing ointment is applied to the treatment surface for 20 minutes. This allows for a more effective treatment without pain for the client.   For optimal results we use a collagen-stimulating product like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin-C serum or skin lightener for pigmentation during the procedure. The CosmoPen Microneedle is then used to create tiny channels in the skin. The CosmoPen’s multi-speed and adjustable needle depth allows the needles to pierce the skin’s surface at a ninety-degree angle, which increases the absorption of products. After the treatment, a soothing 24-carat gold infused collagen mask is applied for 10 minutes. This luxurious mask helps to hydrate, heal and soothe the skin. The 24-carat gold collagen mask provides numerous benefits that include: hydrating the skin, expelling toxins, increasing lymphatic drainage and circulation. You can see why this is a perfect way to complete this procedure. Our gold masks are also available for purchase for you to enjoy at home, they also make wonderful unique gifts and stocking stuffers at Christmas.

The number of needling sessions depends on the individual’s skin condition. Three to four treatments may be recommended for mild to moderate acne scarring, whereas deeper scarring or deeply aged/sun damaged skin may require upward of five treatments. An interval of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments is typically recommended.

What is the down time after Medical Micro-Needling treatment?

The inflammatory reaction of the skin is extremely short and fades significantly within hours from redness to pink that may last for 12 to 48 hours. You may have the appearance of a mild sunburn. Sunscreen is extremely important after your treatment since your skin will be sensitive and sun damages and dries out your skin. We can recommend several fantastic products that we carry by Image Skincare. You can wear makeup after your treatment within several hours, however waiting until the next day would give your skin time to rest and absorb the collagen. The use of mineral makeup is recommended after this, or any, procedure. Our business neighbor, Liquid Hair Studio, carries an amazing line of mineral products by Sormme, which we use and highly recommend. Please fill free to call us or leave a message on our website regarding questions on this or any of our other services we offer.



WOW! Yes, I said it again and I will repeat it. WOW!!!

Last week’s blog was so well received that I’m a little nervous about letting our readers down. Just know that all of us at Bella Viságe appreciate your feedback and all the positive comments. As much as we love Carrie, we love giving back to Lakeland just as much and that’s why we formed Bella Gives Back.  Thanks in advance for your time.


For those of you who have followed Bella Viságe since we began this journey, you know that my only condition before jumping in and joining Jeanna and Shelli in this adventure was that we form a charitable arm of our business so that we could give something back to our community. The next step was to decide in what manner to do so. Ironically, my research into how we would pick the vendors and products for our spa played a large part in how I shaped Bella Gives Back.

Let me share two examples of what I mean.



RevitaLash was founded in 2006 by a man desperately trying to help his cancer stricken wife feel better about herself after the devastating effects of chemotherapy. This original, love inspired product helped repair her damaged eyelashes. Ten years later, each product in the RevitaLash collection revitalizes the natural beauty and inner spirit of all women.

Wonderful products with a wonderful purpose!




Farmhouse Fresh is a skincare company that markets its products in a whimsical way. Think “Chic fil a” meets glam.   What really helped us make the decision to use their products in the spa was the way they give back to their community. They have a farm where they shelter abused and abandoned animals. From dogs to cows, they love them all.



Just like RevitaLash and Farmhouse Fresh, we here at Bella Viságe have a heart for philanthropic endeavors. While the staff at Bella has a desire to enrich the beauty and lives of all of our clients, it has been my desire from day one to help others through our Bella Gives Back program. We have a page on our Bella Viságe website Bellavisagelakeland.com, that allows our customers to nominate worthy candidates for services that will help them. So far we have helped several young ladies with severe acne scarring on their faces. To see them walk through the door with their shoulders back and big smiles on their make up free face is a unique experience. We didn’t cure cancer or mend broken bones, but we changed how they see themselves. This month the winner of our monthly drawing is a young mother of two who lost her husband to cancer just six months ago. we had heard that the stress and grief of her loss was overwhelming her so we wanted to give her the chance to relax, unwind & rejuvenate.

Thank you Dr. Brienkenhoff for your inspiration. Thank you Farmhouse Fresh for reminding me that giving back can be fun with a light hearted twist. Thank you Lakeland for supporting our Bella Gives Back.  You are the reason we can continue to love and support those in need.